Are you listening to your body?

“Listen to your body! It’ll tell you when something’s wrong.” Great advice given by doctors and mothers for years. How much healthier would our workplaces and companies be if leadership listened more to their “organizational” bodies/employees.

Upper management is in the position of making decisions about what they feel their employees need and want. Oftentimes, these decisions are made from management perspective. Thousands of dollars are invested in trainings for employee development, put toward incentive programs and all types of activities in hopes that the return on investment is a happy, engaged, productive employee. So why are so many employees unhappy?

Just like any healthy relationship, it will not flourish until the “decision maker” decides to include the recipient of the investment in the planning. No adult wants to be consistently told what is best for him or her! Not to say that employees should have control over how a company handles its operations, but sometimes, just sometimes, it helps to simply ask, “What do YOU need?” and “How can we help YOU” achieve YOUR organizational goals.” Managers would be surprised of the answers (and looks of shock) they’d receive.

Not only would new ideas be thrown into the mix, but also the employer would have the most important piece to make any employee relations initiative work…Employee Buy-in.

If an employee feels like they have a voice, like their opinion mattered and was even remotely considered, they will ultimately be happier with whatever was decided upon. Those on the front line grow tired of being told what they want, and having ideas shoved down their throats. They merely sit back, sigh and say, “What are they gonna have us do next?”, all while searching for new employment where they feel their opinions will matter.

Before decision makers start making decisions for others, it pays (literally and figuratively) to poll those who you are trying to reach and ultimately affect. Listening to your “organizational” body can definitely make the workplace a happier and healthier place to be.

3 thoughts on “Are you listening to your body?

  1. Great article!! I hope that the people in charge actually read and get the message. Employees could be so much happier if they listened!


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