Own The Moment

The great philosopher Eminem once said:
“You better lose yourself in…the moment. You own it…You only get one shot, do not miss your chance…This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”

{Queue the memory lane music}

I haven’t had to “date” since the 90’s…and oh what times those were. Back then a date actually meant something. A gentlemen saw a young lady that he’d like to court and he presented himself respectfully, asking if she would care to join him at the local galleria for a movie, a walk around the mall and fine dining at the food court over looking the ice skating rink. Real classy stuff. Hands sweating and awaiting her answer, the possibilities of rejection would race through his mind, but he’d stand confident, trusting that this was indeed his moment. That he would not be denied…and if he did go down in flames it would not be for a lack of effort.

What was that young man doing before he made his move? Was he unhappy in his current state of singleness? Or was he already spoken for and unhappy, needing a change, a greater challenge or something more fulfilling?

One thing he wasn’t was complacent. He didn’t wait around for his phone to ring and someone to present an opportunity to him! He wasn’t looking all pathetic, complaining to his friends hoping someone would take pity on him and make him an offer. He had to over come the fear of rejection, stepping out on faith and in confidence take the chance, because playing it safe would keep him on his couch playing his Sega Genesis.

The potential courter (employee):

  • Decided what he wanted (set a professional goal)
  • Found out where she’d be between classes (networked and researched the potential company)
  • Put on a clean shirt and pair of pants (speaks for itself and usually a good idea)
  • Practiced his line in the mirror (customized his resume and practiced his interviewing techniques)
  • Took 2 squirts of breath spray (yeah).

…and said, “Hey baby, you need me in your life.” (Mr./Mrs. Employer, this is what I can do for you and you’re organization!) The moment came and it was owned, but not without preparation and putting himself in position to seize it.

Like a great date, dream careers are out there, they’re just waiting on the right, qualified person to approach them and prove that they deserve it or show the right amount of potential.

So take your shot, don’t miss your chance, because there is always that one dude/dudette waiting around the corner ready to scoop up who/what you’re too afraid to go after.

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