Career Progression on I-40. Stay In Your Lane.

Driving up Interstate 40, some people, no matter how slowly they drive, refuse to move to the right lane where the traffic is slower. Especially when I’m in a hurry. While they don’t want to keep up with the flow of traffic, they want NO ONE passing them, going as far as speeding up to impede your progress and literally block you from maneuvering around them.

How many people do you know that:

  1. do nothing really spectacular
  2. are satisfied coasting through life and at work
  3. have no sense of urgency

….until you are positioning yourself to pass them? Then they want to act motivated.

photoThere is a place for Mr./Mrs. No Urgency, it’s called the “Slow Lane” and it leads directly out of my way and out of my workplace. We as an organization have places to be at certain times, somewhere to go, and we’re trying to get there and claim our prize before it moves on….or before the coasters* that left before us reach the destination simply because they had a head start.

* Coastersnoun. Lazy, entitled folks that think they’re owed something just because they’ve hung out in your organization for 20 years.

I guess that’s why I drive a truck. Not so I can run people off of the road (because no one deserves that, maybe) but so I can force a little change in behavior. Just make it look like I’ll run you over. At work, it’s showing my drive and initiative…on the road, I’m intimidating the slow pokes. It’s shutting up and making moves, not complaining about what isn’t happening and then disappearing.

Like on the highway, I’m looking for people that are on the fast track. Folk that are determined to reach goals and aggressively pursue their dreams. Traveling in a pack, we can take turns getting in the front and keeping an eye out for obstacles….like State Troopers. Encouraging one another to stay focused and to push on, no matter how tired the journey makes us. Its like HOV lanes, if you’re slow and traveling alone, you don’t qualify for my lane. Move!!! Violators will be prosecuted.

If you’re reading this, you’re a part of my career/driving pack. Lets floor it and get to success…..but let’s get off on this exit, I need to get some gas.

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