The Dream Work…TNSHRM13 Wrap-Up

Teamwork was the overwhelming theme of the entire 2013 TNSHRM conference. From the planning staff, the volunteers, vendors, attendees, Social Media Team…all the way down to the Wifi password, Teamwork definitely made the Dream Work.

Teamwork lead to the President of the MTSHRM chapter making good on his promise to shave his head if his conference team met 90% of their goals. Teamwork lead to more Human Resources professionals signing up for and signing into social media outlets so that they could not only stay up to date with the conference activities, but so they could keep up and collaborate with one another! Through the power of these connections, friends were made, existing bonds were strengthened and whole new networks of colleagues (that worked around the corner from one another and didn’t know it) were formed.

20130929-194143.jpgTNSHRM13 made a believer out of me…and gave me “All Access”! It made me believe that if people care enough, try hard enough and work together that great things can be accomplished and that the needle can move. It made me believe that we can do things in our state that have never been done before and I’m optimistic that we can build on them to do bigger and better each following year.

I have been honored and humbled by the experience. I cannot thank my team of HR and Social Media experts enough for allowing me the opportunity to witness what SHRM is all about first hand. The standard in my mind has now been set. The bar for me has been raised. I hope that I can not only continue to help with TNSHRM but with other state conferences as well, so that the teamwork that I felt and saw can spread contagiously throughout our HR community.

Teamwork still makes the dream work. And now the dream of enlightenment and development is working for the thousands of professionals that attended THSHRM13 here in Nashville. Our state and our business community will be better as a result.

#TNSHRM14, here we come!


Opportunity is that way!

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